Make A Wish – Rolling for Wishes VI – Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Make A Wish – Rolling for Wishes VI – Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Such a fortunate experience, I originally met Jeff Elder and Karla Kjellin-Elder when they hired me to perform for their son’s Villa Park High School Fund Raiser event – and then graciously re-hired me again for their Casino-themed charity event, sponsored for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was billed as the “Rolling for Wishes VI”, held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Coast Mesa, CA, September, 2013.

I am happy to report, that it was a successful event, raising over $60,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. It was exciting, fun – and with lots of challenges for me. I produced all the music entertainment for the event; my live steel drum performance with vocals, and spot covering with DJ music throughout the whole night, which was both indoors and outdoors.

Now there’s a challenge. You might see in the photos, I was actually straddling the doorway with one Bose Speaker system outside, and second system inside as I then played in the middle of a large garage sized doorway at the center of the venue – with my right steel drum actually inside the venue, and my left steel drum outside. I played my pans to greet guests as they arrived and moved throughout the party; and I played as they gambled at various gaming tables outside and inside. The pulse was mine, I felt as if I was the nerve central hub for the entire event.

I had a wireless microphone available for the charity event speakers and background music during the talks, and for the main auction event. Then more island themed DJ’d music – peppered with steel drumming whenever I felt inspired – the night just grooved along, right into more dancing and charity casino gambling.

It was a good night. Good Times, Good Fun, for a Great Cause –

Thanks so much Jeff and Karla!