Recording Session: “Love” – Mike Kasparian, song writer/producer

Recording Session: “Love” – Mike Kasparian, song writer/producer

Amazing how a day can come together…

On Oct 1st, 2016 – I had the great fortune to record a steel drum track on this wonderful song, “Love” by Mike Kasparian at Sound Matrix Recording Studios in Fountain Valley, CA. It is not your typical steel drum song but it has such an infectious vibe it lent itself well for the collaboration. It was my first session with Mike Kasparian, and I truly hope it isn’t the last. I didn’t get many pictures during the session as it went by so fast. In fact, the entire recording session was about 45 min from setup to tear down. Just two passes on the song and Mike had captured what he needed from me; and then I was off to perform at Westfield Santa Anita promenade for the Susan Cohan foundation event, Susie’s Cause. It was a free outreach health festival aimed at promoting colon cancer awareness. I was the final act of the day.

Preceding me were several groups: Mayfield Senior Women’s Ensemble, the Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas, Memphis Mike and the Swinging 8 Balls, the Kyokushin Karate School, and the amazing Immortals Dragon Lion Dance Troupe entertained with their lively costumed dancers. The setting was wonderful with a Turtle pond in front of the stage, and nearby play area for the children. I wish I could have had a picture of the turtles when I performed; they seem to really love the sound of steel drums and were straining their necks to see me.

All in all the day was quite magical, and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of it all. This video is the soundtrack that was recorded that day and snapshots from the day’s events. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I love my work!!!

Make A Wish – Rolling for Wishes VI – Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Make A Wish – Rolling for Wishes VI – Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Such a fortunate experience, I originally met Jeff Elder and Karla Kjellin-Elder when they hired me to perform for their son’s Villa Park High School Fund Raiser event – and then graciously re-hired me again for their Casino-themed charity event, sponsored for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was billed as the “Rolling for Wishes VI”, held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Coast Mesa, CA, September, 2013.

I am happy to report, that it was a successful event, raising over $60,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. It was exciting, fun – and with lots of challenges for me. I produced all the music entertainment for the event; my live steel drum performance with vocals, and spot covering with DJ music throughout the whole night, which was both indoors and outdoors.

Now there’s a challenge. You might see in the photos, I was actually straddling the doorway with one Bose Speaker system outside, and second system inside as I then played in the middle of a large garage sized doorway at the center of the venue – with my right steel drum actually inside the venue, and my left steel drum outside. I played my pans to greet guests as they arrived and moved throughout the party; and I played as they gambled at various gaming tables outside and inside. The pulse was mine, I felt as if I was the nerve central hub for the entire event.

I had a wireless microphone available for the charity event speakers and background music during the talks, and for the main auction event. Then more island themed DJ’d music – peppered with steel drumming whenever I felt inspired – the night just grooved along, right into more dancing and charity casino gambling.

It was a good night. Good Times, Good Fun, for a Great Cause –

Thanks so much Jeff and Karla!